Weaver's Violins Services

We offer an ever changing collection for both musicians and vendors that include an impressive mix of new and old.


We offer instruments from some of Italy's most well known makers of today, including Laura Vigato and Stefano Conia, as well as those made by some of the all time greats such as Vuillaume and Guarneri. There is also an ample selection of old French and Italian violins, violas and cellos. If you're a player and see something that is not available at your local luthiers, please give us a call and we will make sure it will be!


The Violin House of Weaver offers a wide variety of instruments available at wholesale pricing for violin shops. Great old Germans restored here at Weaver's are perfect for the more advanced student or someone searching for a unique instrument. We have exciting new lines of instruments from Japan, Romania and Germany that will cover all of your needs whether your customer be a novice or veteran on the strings.

These are the successors of the famous "Rudolph Doetsch" created by Bill Weaver in the early 80's, and are noteworthy in sound, color and quality. I understand fully that unsold merchandise is a financial drain on your business. Please feel free to send back any instrument that hasn't sold and we will happily send you any combination of instruments of like value to replace it. Just include a note. You can never lose money dealing with Weavers.

You have 100% guarantee on any instrument you buy. We ask that all orders received be paid within 30 days. Any unsold items may be returned for 100% trade-in value.


Martin Beck (Romania), (Darche Bros. Belgium), Jurgen Klier (Germany), Claudiu Baltazar (Romania), Hiroshi Kono (Japan), old Germans restored and new Italians with our varnish & maker certificate - Perma & Cremona. Also modern Italians from with original certs at wholesale prices.


High-end Chinese, Martin Beck gofriller copies (Romania), Michael Gerlach, Domenico Gabrielli replicas (Italy), Jurgen Klier Strad models(Germany), Johann Edler Testore model (Germany), Lothar Semmlinger replicas (Germany), Johan Koberling of Germany and many 100 year old cellos fully restored. New from Prague Karvina cellos with poplar back and sides-warm and powerful.


Martin Beck (Romania), Darche Brothers -Belgium), Jurgen Klier (Germany), Gunther Prager (European), Otto Erdesz replicas finished inside and out here, Sean Peak (Chicago) Stanley Kiernoziak (Chicago) and Tetsuo Matsuda (Chicago)as well as many old French and Germans at wholesale. New from Prague -Josef Bakos violas with poplar back and sides-warm and powerful.