The Violin House of Weaver has been making available fine instruments to musicians since 1898. William Weaver, his wife Evy and along with his daughters Heather Weaver and Kristi Weaver, who are 4th generation to the shop, strive to provide musicians with the best sounding instruments possible at the most reasonable prices. It is a simple theme that resonates across all that we do. Whether these instruments are made in Italy 300 years ago, or last month in Mittenwald, Germany, we always do our best to provide value.

We operate two businesses in one: The first reaches out to the individual who has reached a point where playing for fun becomes a way of life. We offer ever-changing collection of fine instruments. Working with people who are ready to take it up a notch is enjoyable because these players already understand what they want and have been in the musical life for some years. We are happy to offer our thoughts on what is available and strive to show you good sounding instruments and offer a long warranty period on every instrument we sell.

The second aspect of our business rests in supplying violin shops all over the country with advanced student instruments that sound and play beautifully. We have a full line of unique offerings from 100 year old Germans to modern replicas of Guarneri Del Gesu. We strive to ensure that these are the best in their price range available anywhere. We stock instruments to many shops all over the country. If you are interested in what we have to offer and your favorite luthier does not carry them, please call us so we can make it happen.

Please remember, dealing with four generations of Weavers means that there is a substance to our shop. We have a well respected name to protect. After 115 years, there is undeniable evidence of our sustaining power. We know instruments in every intrinsic way and look forward to helping you in your search for the perfect match.